About us

Stefano, Monia und Siegrun

Our work is our family, our passion and our world together. We offer hospitality with the heart and a dedication that comes from afar, because the satisfaction of our guests is our life.

We are a family of Florentine origins who have lived in the medieval village of Poppi in Casentino since 1975. The Casentino valley is one of the least known but most precious parts of Tuscany, having within it the protected area of ​​the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna. Our forests are the largest in Europe. The farmhouses scattered around this green lung have been recently restored, giving birth to villas with well-kept gardens, parks and swimming pools.

Our family owns and lives in one of these farmhouses a few kilometers from Poppi, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Here we have created our house, we have built a swimming pool and in an old barn, we have created a holiday home with 2 apartments, which we have been renting for twenty years now.

Il Bacile is the name of our little Paradise, the precious container of our dreams.

We decided to open a family agency because what we have done, year after year, with our structures, has made us grow.

Who we are?

Stefano is an architect and he is 50 years old and has a passion for beautiful things, proportions and perfection. For this reason, his job consists in scrupulously evaluating the holiday homes that are proposed to the agency. If he finds them suitable, he takes pictures and puts them on the site. In the case of houses to be renovated, he advises the owners on furnishings, interior finishes and the construction of external structures to offer the best holiday to his customers.

Monia is the family's expert accountant and she takes care of all the bureaucracy, working every day to simplify the practices for customers, answering all requests and questions that come to the agency.

Both speak and write in Italian, English and German.

Siegrun is Stefano's mother, originally from Berlin, but living in Tuscany since 1963. She lives with Stefano, Monia and their children Davide and Leonardo. Siegrun obviously helps the agency with translations, texts and contacts with clients. The culture in which she was born is still alive in her and constitutes an important aspect of the agency.

The agency is the family and vice versa, so the most important thing remains customer satisfaction during and after his stay. The success of our family business is the satisfaction of our customers. This uniqueness is our strength.

Most of the holiday homes we manage belong to friends and acquaintances of the family who are guided in the choice of furnishings, amenities to be added, situations to be implemented to meet the needs of those who choose a holiday in Tuscany. The great advantage is the proximity of many of these situations to our family's residence: every problem finds an immediate solution at any time.

In this case, the expression "we are by your side" is also literal: closeness is our motto. The agency is able to organize even special events in the smallest details, such as family celebrations or dream weddings. Direct contact with those who can offer high quality services makes the difference once again. Book online, but you can count on our discreet presence at all times. People make a difference. We next to you, make the difference.

Loc. Quorle 12 - 52014 Poppi (Arezzo) / Italy
C.F. / P.IVA (VAT): IT02484560517